Horse Logging

RJ Woodland Services believe that the forests in our care should be managed to the best of our ability. Many of our competitors only harvest timber from sites and areas of woodland in which machines operate with ease.

Some of our clients require their woodland thinned regardless of terrain, timber volume etc. Sensitivity, adherence to management plans and amenity purposes are some of the reasons.

These sites are where our horses come in to use. We use two Irish Cobs – Billy and Dan – who work in traces and swingle tree to skid logs to the landing site.

We strive to make the horse logging operation economically as viable as possible. Where the site suits we use the horses to pull short distances, ideally less than 100m and work our tractor and timber trailer to forward the logs on to a site suitable for HGV access. This allows the timber to be stacked in a presentable manner for sale at roadside.

Billy and Dan work separately on the smaller logs and when required to pull large saw logs or whole trees in some situations are paired up together.

We are also available to carry out demonstrations at local agricultural shows.

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